As a small, community organization, we, at the New Britain Independent Newspaper, Inc., which publishes the New Britain Progressive, do not think we are even required to have a privacy policy, but, with the recent scandal involving Facebook and the Trump campaign, we want to make sure that we act with the ethics that we hope others do, as well.

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer, community organization, so, unlike Facebook, we have zero interest in generating profit from gathering and trading on personally identifiable information about our individual readers’ and viewers’ use of our newspaper’s website. We do use various commonly used social media and other web services as part of our news service organization. Since, we are an all-volunteer organization, we are just as concerned that they follow ethical privacy policies on the use of our own personal information as you are, and we rely on the trust that they do so with information that our organization has and uses.

Other than in research related to news reporting, it is generally only when someone contacts us that we would know their name, email address and other personally identifiable information that comes to us because they actually communicated with us. People would generally know the personally identifiable information we receive, because they voluntarily gave it to us. There may be other incidental, and useless to us, information that comes to us in this process, such as that at least one web service (Jetpack) that we use also notes the IP address of a person who contacts us via our “Contact Us” form.

In any event, generally, other than for news research and reporting, the only reasons we would receive or keep any of this personally information about you is:

  1. First, obviously, for us to contact you, generally because you asked us to.
  2. If you donated to our organization (and by the way, thank you, again), we would know any information you provided to us. But we do not receive or keep any credit card, checking account or other such information from online donations. The service that we use (Causevox) does not provide us with that information, which we prefer. If you donated by check, we would have that information as part of our financial and banking records.
  3. Also, if you bought an ad in the New Britain Progressive, we would keep information that your provided to us related to that transaction.
  4. Information that is incidental to our use of web services (such as the IP addresses) that we do not plan to use.

As a newspaper and media organization, it is important to us to protect information about our readers, viewers, volunteers, supporters and advertisement purchasers. As a small, volunteer news and media organization that reports, quite frankly, about powerful people and institutions, it is important to us to protect information about our writers and other content producers, unless their want their identities known. We will resist even governmental attempts to access information we have about people who ask to be on a subscriber list, or who volunteer for, donate to or otherwise support our organization. We will resist even governmental attempts to access information we have about people who contact or communicate with us, with the exception, of course, being information gathered and that we may publish as part of our news function. Other than the content of published advertisements, we will only disclose information about those who advertise with us in accordance with applicable tax laws. While we, of course, will use information about our readers, viewers, donors and other supporters and advertisement purchasers for the news and media services provided by our organization, we will not transfer the information about the people who contact us, or who donate to or advertise with our news organization to any business or organization outside our organization for any commercial, charitable or political purpose.

We do use web-based services, including cloud services, to do our work and keep our data, and we make an effort to select web-based and cloud services that would not use our data that they keep in ways in which we we would not. However, as a small organization, we rely on what we understand to be their ethics to uphold the ethics that we would. When you interact with one of these services, we refer you to their privacy policies concerning data that is collected. We use the services called Google Analytics, Jetpack and Akismet, mainly make to our website work better, to protect it from malicious attacks and for general web use statistics, but (except for IP address from Jetpack and contact information users voluntarily send to us) those services do not provide us with personally identifiable information. Services that we use might use cookies, but do not provide us with personally identifiable information from them.

Of course, it should go without saying that any information that people disclose on publicly available social media, including on any social media or pages on those platforms related to our organization, may be available to anyone, based upon the privacy policies of those social media platforms. Also, when web services that we use allow people to voluntarily make their names public, people can expect that their names will be available in accordance with those web services’ privacy policies.

By the way, when we refer to “we”, “us”, etc. or to our organization we refer to our officers, board members, editors and other volunteers to the degree that they are acting in their formal roles for the New Britain Independent Newspaper, Inc. on management of our website or our organization’s web service accounts where information this privacy policy concerns are kept.

The privacy policy for Causevox, the donations services that we use, can be found at

Though it covers other services that we do not use, the privacy policy that covers Google Analytics and how Google uses data can be found at How Google uses cookies can be found at

Though it covers other services that we do not use, the privacy policy provided by the company providing Jetpack and Akismet services can be found at

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, just ask, here or at

Thank you very much for reading, viewing and participating in the New Britain Progressive !