Candidates Make Appearances in New Britain As Primaries Approach

When, on a hot July day, Democratic Congressional Candidate Jahana Hayes greeted residents at the New Britain Diner, she was among a number of Democratic candidates who have been visiting New Britain to meet people in the city ahead of the upcoming primary elections.

On August 14th voters will make a number of key decisions about who will be the party nominees going into the November elections.

Hayes spoke to those gathered at the New Britain Diner on July 10th about turning out the votes from people in the cities for the upcoming primary. She discussed using organizing methods from the 1960s to encourage people on the importance of voting in the election.

Jahana Hayes speaking at a New Britain Democratic Town Committee meeting. Frank Gerratana photo.

Hayes is challenging for the Democratic nomination for Congress against Endorsed Democratic candidate Mary Glassman.

Glassman, a New Britain native, was in the city on July 11th. On Facebook, she said, “Loving these dogs from Capitol Lunch in New Britain. They still come in the white boxes I remember as a kid!”

Glassman Facebook photo

Mary Messina Glassman, was raised in New Britain, She served as First Selectman of Simsbury for fifteen years. She has been a candidate for Lieutenant Governor twice. She said, “There’s nothing more special than feeling supported by the community I grew up in,” after a campaign event at Great Taste Restaurant on June 26th.

On June 14th, Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman held a campaign event in New Britain. She was introduced at the event by State Rep. Bobby Sanchez (D-25) who said, “I am ecstatic that Eva had decided to run for Lieutenant Governor.”

Bermúdez Zimmerman said that, of her campaign, “we have momentum, but it is not just about me.’

“I make a commitment for working class people,” Bermúdez Zimmerman said, “because too many times we are balancing our budget on HUSKY, on child care, on people who, every day wake up at five, six in the morning with the hope that they can put their kid through college, with the hope that they can bring food on their table.”

Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman at the Democratic State Convention. Frank Gerratana photo.

“I know that we can pull this off,” said Sanchez. “If we can get people, particularly in the cities, to come out in big numbers to vote, we can do this.”

On July 7th, the Endorsed Democratic candidate for Governor, Ned Lamont, toured Broad Street, speaking with numerous business owners and residents, joined by former Mayor Lucian Pawlak (D).

Ned Lamont, Susan Bysiewicz and Shawn Wooden (second from the right). Frank Gerratana photo.

Lamont was joined by the Endorsed Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Susan Bysiewicz, and the Endorsed Democrat for State Treasurer, Shawn Wooden.

Lamont is being challenged for the Democratic nomination for Governor by Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. Ganim had previously held a “Meet and Greet” event in New Britain on May 9th.

Bysiewicz is being challenged by Bermúdez Zimmerman. Wooden is being challenged for the Democratic State Treasurer nomination by Dita Bhargava.

The Democratic and Republican Primaries for state offices and Congress are on the August 14, 2018.

Editor’s Note: Cover photo by Frank Gerratana.