Puerto Rican Society Honors Isabel Cancel

The Puerto Rican Society of New Britain dedicated its 2018 Puerto Rican Festival Banquet in honor of longtime community activist Isabelita Cancel. The Banquet was held on July 7th.

The Banquet is held annually to support the New Britain Puerto Rican Festival. The 2018 Festival will be on July 21st.

In addition to her active membership in the Puerto Rican Society, Cancel has been active in the New Britain community in numerous roles.

One such role, for which Cancel is well known, is her longtime leadership in the Playeros softball team. The team, a New Britain community organization, represents the city in regional adult softball games.

The Playeros, with Cancel’s leadership, has also regularly represented New Britain as a traveling team in games in Puerto Rico, as well as hosting teams from cities in Puerto Rico visiting Connecticut. The games have served to maintain cultural and community bonds between New Britain and communities in Puerto Rico.

Cancel’s years of activism in the Democratic Party brought a large showing of Democratic activists and elected officials to the Banquet.

Cancel is a member of the Democratic Town Committee and is widely considered to be one of the most active campaigners in the New Britain Democratic Party. Thousands of voters know Cancel from her frequent visits to their doorsteps to inspire them to vote for Democratic candidates, and she has registered many people in the city to vote.

Cancel was presented with a legislative citation by New Britain’s Democratic state legislators, State Sen. Terry Gerratana (D-6), State Rep. Peter Tercyak (D-26), State Rep. Rick Lopes (D-24) and State Rep. Bobby Sanchez (D-25).

Frank Gerratana photo.

Democratic City Council members were also present to honor Cancel, including Ald. Brian Keith Albert (D-2), Ald. Katie Breslin (D-AL), Ald. Aram Ayalon (D-3), the Council President Pro-Tempore, Ald. Eva Magnuszewski (D-AL), Ald. Manny Sanchez (D-AL), as well as former Ald. Shirley Black (D-3).

Frank Gerratana photo.

New Britain’s Puerto Rican Festival is a long standing tradition in the community. Held on High Street, the Festival places the Puerto Rican Society of New Britain at the center of community life in the city.  The Festival is a time when Puerto Rican culture and New Britain’s close cultural bond with Puerto Rico are celebrated.

The Festival draws large crowds to hear live music, eat delicious food and enjoy the festive community event.

The 2018 Festival is planned to be held between the hours of 12:00pm and 8:00pm on July 21st.

The Puerto Rican Society of New Britain is at 152 High Street.

Scene from Banquet in honor of Isabelita Cancel. Frank Gerratana photo.