Racist Political Leaflet Distributed in Arch Street Neighborhood

A racist political leaflet has been distributed in the Arch Street neighborhood, resulting in a referral to city police.

The leaflet is composed as a “letter” that makes obscene and vulgar references to former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I believe this is more than what is on the surface,” said Ronald P. Davis, who is the President of the NAACP New Britain Branch. “This is Jim Crow activities against whites who support Black people and or candidates.”

The “letter” unsubtly evokes racist themes that have been directed at Obama that cast the empowering of African Americans and other communities of color as putting white Americans in a subservient position.

In the leaflet, the purported author of the “letter” asks Obama to hire him to his “dream job”, performing obscene and lewd subservient tasks.

The “letter” goes on to say, “Of course, if you required it, I would do the same for First Lady Michelle Obama or any of your guests like Oprah, Eric Holder, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, Loretta Lynch, Rev. Wright, etc.”

All of these public figures are African American, except for Ayers, a counterculture figure who Republicans attempted to associate with Obama during the 2008 election.

Holder and Lynch were both Attorneys General of the United States in the Obama Administration.

“This kind of activity is what is to come as we approach the mid term elections,” added Davis. “Thanks to Trump and his Republican Party.”

Davis has referred the leaflet to the New Britain Police.

Editor’s note: This article withholds three names mentioned in the flyer since there is no evidence that, if they are real people, they were associated with this flyer, and they would appear, more likely, to be targets of the flyer.