Sanchez Suspends Campaign for Congress

New Britain City Council member Emmanuel “Manny” Sanchez (D-AL) has announced that he will not be pursuing a primary challenge for the Democratic Nomination for Congress, which he was entitled to do, if he chose, based on the strength of his Democratic nominating convention support.

New Britain City Council member Manny Sanchez (D-AL). Frank Gerratana photo.

“After deep consideration and discussion with family, friends, and mentors, I have decided not to continue in the primary process for Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District,” said Ald. Sanchez. “It has been a pleasure traveling throughout the District, speaking with voters, and I am humbled by the support I have received in the few short weeks of my campaign.”

Sanchez said that, “While I am grateful for the many kind words and encouragement, I believe our communities are best served by a less contentious primary process. I wish both candidates the best of luck and look forward to supporting whoever is victorious in the primary.”

The City Council’s Majority Leader, Ald. Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. (D-5) lauded Sanchez. “I am so proud of how your conducted your campaign, how you handled yourself at the congressional convention and now again how you handled your decision to end your campaign.”

“Your future is very bright,” added Carlozzi.

Sanchez’ uncle, State Rep. Bobby Sanchez (D-25) said, “Manny, this is just the beginning. You have won the hearts and support of a lot of people with your honest and gracious campaign.”

Ald. Sanchez said that he, “will continue to serve the City of New Britain as a member of its City Council, and look forward to serving our communities in any way I can.”

When he announced his candidacy for Congress earlier in May, Sanchez said that, “This is a pivotal moment in our state and our country. We need leaders who are willing to champion issues that matter most to working families.”

“We need to energize our cities and towns with leadership who have fresh ideas and the energy to fight for our District, for Connecticut and our country,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez’ decision leaves the August 14, 2018 Democratic primary for the Fifth Congressional District a race between the Endorsed Democratic candidate, Mary Glassman, and primary challenger Jahana Hayes.

The Fifth Congressional District represents the cities of New Britain, Meriden, Danbury, most of Waterbury and parts of Torrington. It represents towns in the Farmington valley and wide sections of northwestern Connecticut.

Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District