“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Opens at the Connecticut Theater Company, May 4th

The Connecticut Theater Company will open its presentation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” on May 4, 2018. The play will have nine performances at the Theater, through May 20th.

In the production, directed by Duane Campbell and Susan Smith, the Theater presents a musical version of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, including songs from the Disney animated feature version of the iconic story.

The Theater introduces the play as,

The musical begins as the bells of Notre Dame sound through the famed cathedral in fifteenth-century Paris. Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer who longs to be “Out There,” observes all of Paris reveling in the Feast of Fools. Held captive by his devious caretaker, the archdeacon Dom Claude Frollo, he escapes for the day and joins the boisterous crowd, only to be treated cruelly by all but the beautiful gypsy, Esmeralda. Quasimodo isn’t the only one captivated by her free spirit, though – the handsome Captain Phoebus and Frollo are equally enthralled. As the three vie for her attention, Frollo embarks on a mission to destroy the gypsies – and it’s up to Quasimodo to save them all.

Adam Tortorello plays the part of Quasimodo, and Esmeralda is played by Alyssa Serrambana. The announced cast includes David Nunner as Claude Frollo, Rob Crumb as Captain Phoebus de Martin, Renee J. Sutherland as Clopin Trouillefou, Meg Buckner as Florika, John Zimmerman as Father Dupin, Doug McCarthy as King Louis XI and Lt. Frederic Charlus, Aneudy Corchado as “Official”, Jodi Dickson as “Madam” and Erin Campbell Saint Aphrodisius. Other roles, as announced, are played by Erin Campbell, Aneudy Corchado, Ian Crumb, Roni Crumb, Jodi Dickson, Brian Fagan, Calum McConnell, Marietta Rubitz, Hailie Smith, Natalie Von Achen, Nancy Williams, Shannon Williams, John Zimmerman and Brianna Zuk.

Musical direction is by Carlos Silva and costume design is by Rose Masselli Morse.

Show times are:

  • Friday, May 4, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 5, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Friday, May 11, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 12, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 13, 2018, at 2:00pm
  • Friday, May 18, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 19, 2018, at 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 20, 2018, at 2:00pm

Tickets are available online at the Theater’s website box office.

In describing its mission, the Connecticut Theater Company says that,

Our goal is to stimulate, promote, teach and develop interest in the dramatic arts; to educate the general public in the dramatic arts; to advance the general level of culture in the field of dramatic arts by the production of plays, musicals, readings, dramas, comedies, shows, and dramatic arts in all forms and of the highest standards. Connecticut Theatre Company is a performing arts group that is dedicated to entertaining, educating and supporting our community. Our focus is on providing great, year-round performances and entertainment events for central Connecticut and the surrounding areas.

Connecticut Theatre Company is a 100% volunteer-based organization with a team of dedicated individuals who firmly believe that performing arts can provide a number of benefits to individuals, families, businesses, communities and the state of Connecticut. While all theatres are based around performing arts, Connecticut Theatre Company is dedicated to finding and pursuing opportunities to partner with other entities for the betterment of the community.

The Connecticut Theater Company, located at the historic Repertory Theatre of New Britain is located at 23 Norden Street.