North Oak NRZ: Moving the Neighborhood Forward

by Antonio C. Lavoy, Sr.
Contributing Columnist

The North Oak NRZ‘s newly-elected officers are moving the city of New Britain and Ward 3 forward.

Fire Chief Raul Ortiz addresses the North Oak NRZ. Antonio C. Lavoy, Sr. photo.

President Marie Bachand, along with Vice President-Pablo Rodriguez, Secretary Yvette Ghannam, Public Safety Chair Edgar Lopez, Economic Development Chair Lawrence Sanchez, Human Resources Chair Vicky Ramos, Housing Chair Manuel Sandovar, Jessica Hernandez from CCSU and Police Chief James Wardwell, are all working very hard as a great team fixing the problems in the neighborhood.

Special thanks for attending the NRZ meeting to Democratic City Council Pro Tempore Eva Magnuszewski, Democratic Ward 3 Alderman Aram Ayalon, Republican Alderman Don Naples and Republican Alderman Wilfredo Pabon. Thank you for being present and concerned about the neighborhood.

I would also like to thank new Fire Chief Raul Ortiz for coming out and speaking.

It will take some time but by everybody working together we will get things done, like with our neighborhood clean up this Saturday, April 21st. At 8:30am there will be breakfast served then will we we will divide teams and start the cleanup.

Come out and support this event. Hope to see you all there.