“This Is Me” Dance Class at the Connecticut Theater Company, Apr 14th

The Connecticut Theater Company, located at the historic Repertory Theatre of New Britain, will host Part 2 of the “This Is Me” dance class on April 14, 2018.

“Looking to learn a hot new dance number?,” asks the Theater, “Or maybe you just want to work on picking up choreography for upcoming auditions? Join us for part two of our This Is Me Dance Class taught by choreographer Renee J. Sutherland.”

The class will be held from 10:30am to 12:00pm on Saturday, April 14th. The Theater says that the fee for class is $10 at the door.

An online sign-up form is available.

The Theater says that the class is limited to twenty-five participants. As of April 11th, eight of the available twenty-five participant slots were taken.

In describing its mission, the Connecticut Theater Company describes says that,

Our goal is to stimulate, promote, teach and develop interest in the dramatic arts; to educate the general public in the dramatic arts; to advance the general level of culture in the field of dramatic arts by the production of plays, musicals, readings, dramas, comedies, shows, and dramatic arts in all forms and of the highest standards. Connecticut Theatre Company is a performing arts group that is dedicated to entertaining, educating and supporting our community. Our focus is on providing great, year-round performances and entertainment events for central Connecticut and the surrounding areas.

Connecticut Theatre Company is a 100% volunteer-based organization with a team of dedicated individuals who firmly believe that performing arts can provide a number of benefits to individuals, families, businesses, communities and the state of Connecticut. While all theatres are based around performing arts, Connecticut Theatre Company is dedicated to finding and pursuing opportunities to partner with other entities for the betterment of the community.

The Connecticut Theater Company is located at 23 Norden Street.