School District Announces Revised School Calendar

The Consolidated School District of New Britain has announced a revised school calendar.

The school system says, “it appears we are done with the snow (fingers and toes crossed) so we have updated our calendar to reflect all of the changes.”

The school district says that the last day of school for the Smalley School will be June 20, 2018, “Due to the heating and pipe issues we experienced this winter.”

The school district says that last day of school for the Chamberlain and Lincoln schools will be on June 19th. For all of the other schools, the district says that school year will end on June 18th.

The school district also says that, “Although this calendar states that NBHS Graduation is tentatively scheduled for June 19, please note that this date has not been finalized. We are considering holding graduation on June 15 but an official announcement will be made in mid-April.”