NBHS Presents “The Addams Family” Mar 23rd and 24th

New Britain High School students will present a musical comedy play based on the popular “The Addams Family” on March 23rd and 24th, 2018.

“The show,” the school district website on the play says, “is based upon The Addams Family characters created by Charles Addams in his single-panel gag cartoons, which depict a ghoulish American family with an affinity for all things macabre.”

The play’s website goes on to say that, “Numerous film and television adaptations of Addams’ cartoons exist, but the musical, which is the first stage show based on the characters, is based upon the cartoons rather than the television and film characters.”

The play features a gathering between the Addams family and the “all-American” family of Wednesday’s fiancé. The tension between the odd ways of the Addams family and their guests provides a backdrop to the playing out of strain on the relationships of the different characters. In the end, the various conflicts are resolved and couples are reunited in an odd, macabre way that only would make sense in the world of the Addams family.

Presenting the play is Manuel Benitez in the role of “Gomez”, Maeve Maltese as “Morticia”, Leah Gaffney as “Wednesday”, Nicholas Giantonio as “Pugsley”, Zoe Hyres as “Grandmamma” and Robert Breau playing “Uncle Fester”.

“Lurch” is played by Treyvone Walker, “Thing” is played by Timothy Carrier and “Cousin Itt” is played by Erasmus Gunawan.

Other members of the cast are listed as Giovanni Cirinna, Claire Palin, Dylan Washington, Margarita Cartagena, Kimberly Holder-Callender, Sara Colapietro, Natalia Matuszewska, Catherine Keithline, Abigail Olson, Chazz Williams, Ariana Soto, Kamryn Diaz, Celeste James, Liliana Cruz, Isaiah Boucher, Greta Alvarez-Cano, Erasmus Gunawan, Mary Berrios, Jenny Ketkeorasmy, Lolade Philips, Devianalee Hernandez, Haylie Matias, Aiden Falla, Naylea Blanco, Kayana Vega, Nelson Rivera, Justin Gurekovich, Audrey Belliveau, Sam Camacho, Joann Khambaylarsirikul, Genesis Brown, Kiley Blanco, Maya Rivera, Zol Grullon and Adele Carr.

The play will be presented on March 23rd at 7:00pm and March 24th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm at New Britain High School, at 110 Mill Street.

Tickets for the shows are are $12 for students and senior citizens, and general admission is for $15. Tickets are available online at the show’s tickets website. Questions can be answered at 860-225-6300, ext 527.