Borinquen Bakery Honored by State and Local Legislators on Anniversary

The owners and staff of the Borinquen Bakery were recognized by state and local legislators on February 1st, 2018 in celebration of sixteen years as a thriving business in the city and the one year anniversary at its new location on Arch Street.

Rep. Bobby Sanchez and Sen. Terry Gerratana, with Ald. Iris Sanchez and Ald. Richard Reyes, presenting legislative citations to Borinquen Bakery owner Mary Lynn Ortiz and co-owner Maria Bravo. Frank Gerratana photo.

State Senator Terry Gerratana (D-6) and State Rep. Bobby Sanchez (D-25), together with City Council members, Ald. Richard Reyes (D-AL) and Ald. Iris Sanchez (D-3), awarded the Borinquen Bakery owner Mary Lynn Ortiz, co-owner Maria Bravo and bakery staff with legislative citations.

The citations from the Connecticut General Assembly were introduced by Sen. Gerratana and Rep. Sanchez, as well as Rep. Rick Lopes (D-24), Rep. Peter Tercyak (D-26) and Rep. William Petit (R-22).

The Borinquen Bakery was established in 2001. Its website says that it, “is a family owned bakery and pastry shop located in New Britain, CT specializing in Puerto Rican products. Our mission is to provide delicious and quality baked goods with competitive prices while providing excellent customer service in an inviting atmosphere.”

When it opened, the Borinquen Bakery was located at 296 Arch Street. Over the past sixteen years, the bakery has become an institution in the New Britain community, bringing thriving community life to Arch Street.

Frank Gerratana photo.

The state legislators presented the citations, “In recognition of the one year anniversary of Borinquen Bakery at your new location and state of the art facility.”

“You opened Borinquen Bakery on Arch Street in New Britain 16 years ago,” the citation continued, “and it grew enough to need a new, larger location and state of the art facility, also on Arch Street. This growth of the Borinquen added even more employees to your work family.”

“I’m happy to have Borinquen Bakery in New Britain,” said Rep. Sanchez. “The owners have done such a beautiful job with the new location.”

Sanchez added that he, “wanted to make sure that all the employees received a citation,” saying that, “they are all such an important part of a business thriving.”

Frank Gerratana photo.

The Bakery rented its space at 296 Arch Street. In 2015, Ortiz purchased the present Borinquen Bakery location at 610 Arch Street, where the Bakery was able to expand both its number of employees and space. The 610 Arch Street location is at the corner of Arch and Monroe Streets.

“You have truly become a pillar in the New Britain community,” added the legislators, “and through your hard work and generosity have made sure that the community continues to grow and thrive. Thank you for all that you have done, and we wish many years of continued success for Borinquen Bakery.”

Staff of the Borinquen Bakery. Frank Gerratana photo.

Editor’s note 2/4/2018: The article was changed to add additional comments from Rep. Sanchez.