Ward 2 Candidates Discuss Serving New Britain’s East Side

Democrat Lamar Bowsky. Frank Gerratana photo.

Democrats Lamar Bowsky and Brian Keith Albert are discussing improvements to the city economy and community services for the people of New Britain’s East Side in their challenge to first-term incumbent Republicans Jerrell Hargraves (R-2) and Kristian Rosado (R-2) in the City Council elections in Ward 2.

Democrat Brian Keith Albert. Frank Gerratana photo.

New Britain’s Ward 2 elects two members of the City Council to represent most of the East Side. Most of the streets around East Street, from Allen Street to South Street are in Ward 2. Depending on their voting district, Ward 2 voters vote at Roosevelt Middle School, Angelico’s Restaurant or Chamberlain Elementary School.

Bowsky and Albert, candidates on the slate of Democratic Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay, stress the importance of city support for education.

Bowsky, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Political Science from Central Connecticut State University has experience working as an intern in the Office of the Attorney General and in the New Britain Police Department. He is the 2nd Vice President of the NAACP New Britain Branch.

“We will develop our city’s economy so that our city can rely on a stable flow of money and take much of the tax burden off our residents,” said Bowsky.

Albert, who holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services and Administration from Antioch New England, is a long time advocate and activist in the New Britain community. He worked at city Welfare Department in the 1970s and has spent many years serving as a member of the city commissions, such as the City Plan Commission and the Commission on Community and Neighborhood Development. He is Legal Redress Chairman for the NAACP New Britain Branch and he has been active in Democratic politics since 1977.

Albert says that his priority for the city is to expand educational and recreational programs for middle school aged children, as well as homelessness and hunger intervention programs.

“Social programs in New Britain have been underserved for decades especially in the north-west and east sides of town,” said Albert. “We need to build on the success of our educational, recreational, and family service programs.”

Republican Jerrell Hargraves

Republican Kristian Rosado

Ten of the fifteen members of the City Council are elected from five City Council “Wards”.  Each Ward represents certain neighborhoods of the city. The voters in each Ward elect two Council members to represent them. In each Ward, each voter can vote for two candidates and the top two are elected.

Editor’s Note: City Republicans were asked for candidate profiles on their candidates and did not respond by the publication of this article.