Presentation July 26th to Discuss Effects of Mining New Britain’s Watershed Forest

Protect Our Watersheds CT will hold a presentation on “What’s at stake if New Britain’s watershed forest is harmed”.

The presentation, featuring Dr. Richard Judd and Atty. Paul Zagorsky, will be held at the Community Room in the lower level of the New Britain Public Library on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 6:30pm.

Protect Our Watersheds CT asks, “Want to learn what is at stake if Tilcon is allowed to expand its quarry into New Britain’s now-protected forested watershed?”

The group invites the public for a slide and video presentation, including discussion of how the city’s drinking watershed increases drinking water supply, provides a habitat for animals and plants and purifies air, land and water.

“Come and take a look – and a listen,” says the group, “to just a few of the millions of living things that depend on the New Britain-owned water-air-and land-sustaining ecosystem commonly known as the Shuttle Meadow reservoir watershed.”