Machinists Endorse Merrill Gay for Mayor

Democratic Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay has received the endorsement of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers, IAMAW, one of the largest unions in North America.

Merrill Gay, Democratic Candidate for Mayor. Frank Gerratana photo.

Merrill Gay, Democratic Candidate for Mayor. Frank Gerratana photo.

In announcing the union’s support for Merrill Gay being elected as Mayor of New Britain, John Harrity, president of the IAMAW State Council said, “We are proud to support Merrill who will be a strong advocate for working families as mayor of New Britain.”

The Machinists’ union has a long history, for generations, organizing New Britain residents for better pay and working conditions in the workplace.

Harrity added, “Merrill has the leadership and judgement to lead New Britain towards progress. We have a lot of members in New Britain, and we are going to work hard to let them know Merrill is the best candidate for workers.”

Bill Shortell, former union president and current New Britain Democratic Chairman, said, “Being a long-time union member, I am proud to see our mayoral candidate receiving union endorsements this early in the process. It is a testament to the type of person Merrill is and the type of mayor he will be.”

“I am a proud supporter of unions and the workers they represent,” Gay said. “I am excited to have the endorsement of the IAMAW and I am looking forward to working with them in building a better New Britain.”

Campaign spokesperson Aaron Schrag expressed enthusiasm about the endorsement, saying the Democratic candidate would, “have a few more union endorsements coming soon.”

He added, “Both Merrill and unions believe it’s important for working people to have a livable wage and workplace protections.”