Democrats to Nominate Candidates for City Elections on July 20th

With Republicans likely to re-nominate incumbent Republican Mayor Erin Stewart, Democrats have announced that the day that they will nominate a candidate for Mayor and other offices will be July 20th.

Frank Gerratana photo.

While the Democratic Town Committee does not make its official endorsement until July, it widely believed that Board of Education member Merrill Gay will be the Democrats’ choice to be Mayor.

The Democratic Town Committee says that will hold its endorsement meeting at 7:00pm on July 20th, at City Hall, 27 West Main Street.

The party nomination process begins in July with the party town committees, the local party governing committees, voting to endorse candidates. After town committees endorse, party members may petition registered members of their party to challenge endorsed candidates and, with enough signatures, can force a September 12th primary, in which registered party members decide their parties’ nominees. If no primary occurs, the choices of the town committees are automatically the nominated candidates of their parties.

In addition to the office of mayor, voters this year will choose two City Council members from each of the five city Wards, five City Council members at-large, five Board of Education members, the Town and City Clerk, the city Treasurer, the Tax Collector, the Board of Assessment Appeals and city constables.