BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF NEW BRITAIN-Celebrating 125 Years

A Cornerstone of the New Britain Community for Young People for 125 years”

By Rev. Brian K. Riley, New Britain Independent Board President

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The Boys and Girls Club of New Britain will be celebrating, 125 years of existence on Nov. 3, 2016, they will be holding their 125th Annual Meeting and Anniversary Gala at The Farmington Club, located in Farmington, CT.

The Guest Speaker for the gala will be Geno Auriemma, UCONN Women’s Head Basketball Coach. The purpose of the gala is to recognize and honor donors, supporters and students of The New Britain Boys and Girls Club.

Another key goal of this 125th Annual Meeting & Gala Celebration is engaging the alumni of The Boys and Girls Club.  Also, this gala will provide an opportunity for the community to support the club, in an exciting and unique way.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ann Targonski Brown, about The Boys and Girls Club of New Britain and her role, as a supporter of the club. She is a former Board Member of the Board of Directors for the club. Ms. Targonski Brown, shared with me why she is such an avid supporter of The Boys and Girls Club of New Britain.

She shared with me the fact that the club, has greatly enhanced and expanded its programing, through partnerships with other Community Organizations, like CCSU, Whitson’s Food Service, The New Britain School District and many others.  The New Britain Boys and Girls Club, has made a wonderful and strong transition from recreation facility to a life enhancing and educational support facility for our young people in the community.

Ms. Targonski Brown, said it best, the young people are the future and we all have a responsibility, as a community to help them grow and mature.

These are some of the programs available at the club, aquatics, the arts, athletics, camp schade, childcare, education, leadership, mentoring, radio programming, technology and youth of the year. For more information about the Gala or how you can support the club, feel free to contact The Boys and Girls Club at Tel: 860 229 2865 or visit their website:

Wow, The Boys and Girls Club of New Britain, a hidden gem in our community.  I congratulate and salute you on your 125th Anniversary.  I want to take this opportunity to thank this entire valuable organization for being a cornerstone foundation for the young people of the New Britain Community.