Forum Challenges Mining on Drinking Water Land

News Brief

The environmental group, Protect Our Watersheds Connecticut, held a public forum for a crowded room of concerned residents about the proposal by New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart and the Tilcon corporation to mine rock on city drinking watershed land. The forum was held on Thursday, September 22nd at the New Britain Public Library.

The proposed mining project has been heavily criticized by residents of New Britain and neighboring towns and environmentalists.  Many are concerned about the potential effect on New Britain’s drinking water of mining on the city’s Class 1 and 2 watershed land. Another community concern is that the proposal would be to continue, for decades longer, land vibration and noise from the explosions used in the mining process. Many are concerned about the destruction of pristine wilderness, replacing it with a large industrial crater.

The forum offered an update on the issue, and a slide side show was presented describing elements of the proposal and concerns about it and the process by which it is being pressed forward by the city and corporation.

Since the proposal mining on Class 1 and 2 watershed land is protected by state laws, the city and corporation are pressing for state legislation to legalize the mining project.