“Build a Better Block” Meetings to Be Held for Arch Street and East Side Neighborhoods

Two “Build a Better Block” meetings are planned, on February 24, 2018, for the East Side neighborhood and February 26th, for the Arch Area neighborhood.

The Arch Area Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) has announced that there will be a planning meeting for the Build a Better Block event to be held in June 2018 on Arch Street between the intersections of Hart Street and Grand Street.

“The concept of Build a Better Block is to present a vision for the block that includes ‘pop-up businesses’ and invites the community to visit existing businesses and organizations,” said Elaine Lechowicz.

Lechowicz encouraged people to spread to the word about the meeting to, “anyone that may be interested to present a demonstration or activity during the event. It could be educational, recreational, cultural or maybe they have an idea for a ‘pop-up’ business that they want to try out. We’d love to hear their ideas to make this a fun and informative event for all ages!”

The Arch Area meeting is to be February 26th at 6:00pm at the St. John Lutheran Church Parish house, which is at 295 Arch Street.

Meanwhile, the Central Connecticut State University Office of Community Engagement, the New Britain YWCA and Invest Health New Britain have announced that there will be a Build a Better Block Follow-up meeting for the East Side on February 24th at 12:00pm at 600 East Street.

The three organizations say that the meeting, “will focus on needs in the neighborhood and how we can work together to develop action plans that fit the neighborhood’s vision for the ‘new’ East Side.”

The organizations said the neighborhood has found that, “safety, home ownership, activities for teens, community events, and economic development were important issues needed to be addressed on the East Side. We would also like to share information regarding services coming to 600 East Street focused on health and youth development.

“Lunch, refreshments and babysitting will be provided,” the organizations added.