North-Oak NRZ to Hold Monthly Meeting Jan 29th

The North Oak NRZ (Neighborhood Revitalization Zone) will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, January 29, 2018, at 7:00pm.

The meeting will be held at Saint Ann Church at 47 Clark Street, and a member of the city’s public health staff will be the guest speaker.

The North-Oak NRZ is a community organization, formed under state law, that is committed to the social and economic progress in the North-Oak region of the city.

Issues discussed in the North Oak NRZ include:

  • Problems with buildings and streets
  • Problems with crime activity
  • Problems affecting the well-being of children around the North Oak Area
  • Community Clean Ups and youth opportunities
  • Where to find safe academic and sport activities for children

The NRZ says that,

The North-Oak NRZ was formed in 2001 with the primary goal to reduce areas of high density housing, eliminate blight, rehabilitate neglected properties, create green space, prevent crime, and foster private development. The North-Oak Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) is committed to social and economic progress in the North-Oak region of New Britain.

The NRZ has also announced that its elections are coming up in February. The elections will be for the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary, as well as chairs of its housing, human resources, community development, and public safety committees. The NRZ says that, “If you are interested come to our meeting January 29, 2018 at Saint Ann Church.”

The NRZ invites people to learn more about it by emailing NRZ President Marie Bachand at, or