NAACP Calls on Timothy Stewart to Resign from Chamber Presidency and City Commissions

By the NAACP New Britain Branch #2006

Yesterday, the New Britain Branch of the NAACP #2006 Officers and Executive Board met. We call for the removal of Mr. Timothy Stewart as President of the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce. Stewart must resign from his position for the derogatory remarks made on Facebook towards a minority community in New Britain. The remarks made, that, “the inmates continue to run the neighborhood,” are culturally insensitive to a community that is approximately 80% Hispanic and African-American. Such remarks have no place in our community. Leaders of our community are measured by higher standards and are expected to lead with an emphasis on inclusion for all, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation. The people of New Britain do not approve of statements that reveal the white supremacist bias that is perpetuated on a national level by President Donald Trump.

The statement made by the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce President and former Mayor, Timothy Stewart, was essentially the same statement as made by the Houston Texan’s football team owner a few weeks ago in retaliation for players exercising their First Amendment rights. There was a national response from the people of the US against such a remark. No one has the right to put down anyone, regardless of the zip code one lives in, economic or educational status or leadership in the community. The people of the North-Oak NRZ are homeowners, taxpayers and employees who are due the same respect as any other person in the community.

The Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce must react to Timothy Stewart’s insensitivity quickly. If he does not resign from his current position as president, we are demanding that the governing body of the Chamber terminate his services immediately. We are also requesting Mayor Erin Stewart, Mayor of the City of New Britain, immediately terminate his services from the two commissions and boards to which he has been appointed, because of the statements made on Facebook toward the North-Oak NRZ community. His lack of empathy shows he cannot represent or lead a diverse community like New Britain.

Timothy and Erin Stewart.

We further demand the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce and the city of New Britain show acts of good faith to the North-Oak community, by securing monies to open, maintain, and assist small, minority businesses in the area. This will help in sustaining these businesses and move the neighborhood toward positive economic development that would include employment of residents within the community.

We further demand the City of New Britain follow up with the complaints noted by its residents regarding the deplorable conditions that have a negative impact on their quality of life. We consider it a high priority that these conditions be attended to and fixed immediately.

If our concerns are not addressed expeditiously we will galvanize residents for further action.