PAL Plays in Rhode Island and New Haven Sept 17th

The New Britain Police Athletic League “PAL” will play away games on September 17, 2017.

The Tiny Mite team will play New Haven 1, while the Mitey Mite Sr., Jr. PeeWee and PeeWee teams will play in Mt. Hope, Rhode Island.

The Tiny Mite game at New Haven is at 9:00am. The games in Mt. Hope are:

  • 10:00am, Mitey Mite Sr.
  • 11:30am, Jr. PeeWee
  • 1:30pm, PeeWee

The PAL website says that it, “is a non-profit youth organization in New Britain CT. The New Britain Police Athletic League is an organization managed by the New Britain Police Department and is staffed by full time sworn police officers of New Britain. … The New Britain Police Athletic League’s primary purpose is to provide youth with opportunities to become involved in alternative activities to crime, by making available a wide array of program choices designed to improve self-esteem, while learning valuable team-building skills in a structured, non-threatening environment.”