Students Show Science Skills at Smalley School

Smalley Elementary School held its first science fair recently, as students showed off their abilities and creativity.

CSDNB photo

One student explained how to create Oobleck, the sticky green substance featured in Dr. Seuss’ “Bartholomew and the Oobleck.” Other students’ projects delved into the workings of tsunamis and volcanoes and examining which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels.

The science fair came about as an idea brought to Principal Elsa Saavedra by grade 3 ELD teacher Chelcey Williams.

“My undergrad major was in Biology and my specialty has been to organize science fairs at the different schools that I’ve worked at in the past,” Williams said.

“My class explained how frogs and bees are alike and different,” said Williams, explaining that the class pet is an African dwarf frog, while the school mascot is the bee.

Science professors Marsha Bednarski of Central Connecticut State University and Rajeev Virmani of the University of Saint Joseph joined Shuana Tucker and Melissa Abate from the school district in judging the students projects. The awards were:

  • 1st Place Science Buddies: Keany Llorens-Baez and Vyctoria Jimenez – “Homemade Lava Lamp with a Twist”
  • 2nd Place Science Buddies: Leny Campos Montufar and Odalys Feliciano Gonzalez – “How Salty Does Water Have to Be in Order to Make an Egg Float?”
  • 3rd Place Science Buddies: Kayla Rivera and Zormais Prieto – “Penny Cleaners”
  • Best Class Science Project: Ms. Elena Knudsen’s class – “The Water Cycle”
  • Most Well-Written Project: Jazmarie Santiago – “Best Popcorn”
  • Most Organized Project: Victoria Martinez Hernandez – “Acid vs. Water”
  • Most Useful Project: Vivian Speaks – “Air Saver”
  • Most Creative Project: Aiyana Martel – “Have You Ever Wanted to Know How a Crane Works?”