Official City Website Links to Stewart Campaign Materials

The official, taxpayer funded city website prominently directs people to an Erin Stewart social media site containing Stewart campaign videos and a link to Stewart’s campaign website.

The first option available when visiting the city’s official website is the “How do I” link. It is an important website location, where people may obtain, for example, information about applying for things like library cards, finding how to access waste collection services, parks and youth activities or pay taxes. This location, where commonly needed information can be found, also has a link simply labeled “City Videos”.

Image of the city of New Britain’s official taxpayer funded website. (Emphasis added.)

But this, “City Videos” link actually leads to an Erin Stewart YouTube channel, a channel containing numerous videos with Stewart campaign messages, including a video of Stewart’s announcement of her candidacy in the 2017 election. It also prominently shows a link directly to Stewart’s campaign website.

Image of the YouTube channel linked from the city of New Britain’s official taxpayer funded website. (Emphasis added.)

That campaign website features information on Stewart campaign events and how to donate to her campaign.

Editor’s note (6/12/2017): After the New Britain Progressive published this article, the “City Videos” link on the city website was changed to direct visitors to a city page on city meeting agendas and City Council meeting videos.

Editor’s note (6/12/2017): The caption for the image of the YouTube channel​ was clarified as the YouTube channel rather than the city’s website.