School District’s “Buzzin’ Bistro” to Serve Students this Summer

The New Britain school district has a new food delivery truck for its summer meal program for New Britain students.

CSDNB photo.

Called the “Buzzin’ Bistro”, the truck has a storied history.

It was used to serve the first responders following the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. It was used to provide meals to rescue workers and then to the many thousands of construction workers who began clearing the site. The truck has also previously been used at the New York Jets Training Camp.

Jeff Taddeo, Resident District Manager of Whitsons, the school district’s food service contractor, which donated the truck, said this food truck has a storied history and now, it will be an opportunity to make sure the students of New Britain get the proper nutrition they need on a daily basis.

“There are so many opportunities for this truck. We are going to reach children in a way we have never reached before and feed them in areas that we weren’t able to get to before. It is going to be a tremendous asset for the students of New Britain.”

Superintendent of Schools, Nancy Sarra added, “This is an amazing opportunity and I’m excited that we are the first school district in the state to have our own food truck.”