Vance School Educator, Patricia Cintorino, Named Teacher of the Year

Patricia Cintorino, a teacher at Vance Elementary School, has been named 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year by the Consolidated School District of New Britain. Cintorino, a teacher in the New Britain schools for twenty-eight years, is hailed as an inspiration for her students as well as for fellow teachers.

Official CSDNB photo.

Cintorino is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University. After graduating, she returned home to New York to teach, but returned to teach in New Britain, saying she realized that a district with diversity was where she belonged.

“I quickly realized that my passion to teach was synonymous with my passion to help children,” Cintorino said. “Having grown up in a community that lacked diversity, I actively sought out a district that embraces diversity and returned to Connecticut. It is with great honor that I have been a member of the Consolidated School District of New Britain for almost three decades. I started my career at Jefferson Elementary School, taught at Pulaski Middle School and for the last 18 years, I have called Vance my home.”

Schools Superintendent Nancy Sarra praised Cintorino as “a passionate teacher who always seems to find the right balance in her classroom. She is genuine and truly understands the concept of educating the whole child. Besides being a teacher, she is like a second mother to many of her students. There is great energy in everything she does and that carries over into the passion her students display for learning and growing.”

“Patty has an incredible way of encouraging students to believe in themselves, set forth strong effort and reach success in her motivating classroom environment,” said Sarah Harris, principal of Vance Elementary School, “Mrs. Cintorino is equally committed to her students. As a third grade teacher, Patty is above all an advocate for her students.”

Harris went on to say that, “Mrs. Cintorino helps her colleagues and students feel that they have something worthwhile to contribute and that they have many positive traits to spread. As a teacher leader and mentor, she represents a team player who shares ideas and collaborates to help the community shine. Mrs. Cintorino builds strong caring relationships and listens to others who may need support. She is an outstanding and professional role model for staff and students.”

Cintorino was one of three finalists for the District Teacher of the Year Award. The other two finalists were Mrs. Linda Skoglund from Smalley Elementary School and Dr. Marisa Cartiera from New Britain High School. Over 300 people attended the First Annual Excellence in Education Awards Ceremony on May 15th, at which the honors were announced.

The other teachers who were nominated by their principal to represent their school as Teacher of the Year were:

  • Mr. Kevin Andersen  of Chamberlain School
  • Ms. Erin Martin of Gaffney School
  • Mrs. Martha Crawford of DiLoreto School
  • Mr. John Richard of HALS
  • Mr. Sean Martin of Holmes School
  • Mr. Peter Bilger of Jefferson School
  • Ms. Claire Nolan of Lincoln School
  • Mrs. Melissa Flaherty of Northend School
  • Mrs. Julie Plaza of Pulaski School
  • Mrs. Ruth Miller-Serra of Slade School
  • Mr. Todd Hougas of Smith School
  • Mrs. Carrie Ogdon-Barbieri (SCA).

Cintorino noted that she cherishes every time she walks into Vance. “I truly love my time teaching here and the positive impact I have had on the children whom I am lucky enough to serve each year,” she said. “On most days, I am simply a teacher. Other days I am counselor, mom, social worker, therapist and even a referee. When I walk through the doors of Vance each day, I am surrounded by an amazing support group of administrators, colleagues and staff who make this honor one that can be shared by all of us. I am grateful to have the privilege of representing New Britain as we continue to be the best at getting better. I am personally humbled by this honor but I truly believe that my greatest honor is being a member of the CSDNB Family.”