With Spring Arriving Another Chance To Get Organized As You Clean

By Leslie Jacobs
At the beginning of this year you promised yourself you’d get organized, but you didn’t. Now, you have another chance with spring cleaning weather happening next week.  Let’s start with the car:  I’ve read about organizing your car and always they mention the blanket, the water, the flashlight and the first aid kit. But my car, as I’m sure yours is an extension of your life.
Here is what I keep in my car: my glove compartment has coupons for the grocery store, BBY, and all manuals for the car.  The trunk has a blanket, first aid kit, water, copies of my book (you never know when someone wants to buy it!) and grocery bags. But, it also has flairs, a tool kit and sometimes a folding chair to watch my cousin play baseball.
Inside the car is the umbrellas my mother gave me, but I never use. It’s easier to run to the building I’m going in, then to deal with the umbrella. Someday, I will be an adult and use it, but for now my knees are still working. (Knock wood!)
My car has packages in the trunk waiting for me to go to the mall and I hate going to the mall, so they sit in there for sometimes a month or more. If I am not going near the mall for other reasons, (lunch at Brio’s, eyebrows at Macy’s) they will sit in the trunk, as I try not to waste gas. It also has my mother’s clothes that need to be donated.  I have already donated many bags, but my mom had clothes from the 1940’s until 2011 when she died. It has become my full time job to make sure the contents of my mom’s house get the best price so I can donate some of the money to her causes.
So, my car becomes many things to me, as I’m sure yours does too.  After going through all of the merchandise I have stored in my car and getting the inside squared away and organized, I will park my car outside and wait for the rain to clean it!
Leslie Jacobs is a professional organizer. To speak to her about getting organized, please call her at 860-306-7779 or email her lesliefjacobs@yahoo.com.