23% Increase in Mayor’s Salary Proposed

Press Pool

The Republican-dominated City Council is considering a proposal that would increase the salary of the city’s mayor by 23%, up to $108,016.

Currently Republican Mayor Erin Stewart’s salary is $87,634, an amount that is more than twice the 2015 New Britain median household income of $40,457. The proposed mayoral salary of $108,016 would be 267% of what the average New Britain family lives on.

The proposed salary increase plan would also increase the salary of the city Tax Collector position, currently held by Republican Cheryl Blogoslawski, by 11%, from $70,502 to $78,557, and it would increase the pay of the Town and City Clerk position, currently held by Republican Mark Bernacki, by 15%, from $68,043 to $78,557.

The move is part of an ordinance change offered by Republican Alderman Lou Salvio. The proposal is up for consideration in the Council Committee on Administration, Finance and Law on April 5th. A hearing on it will be held at 7:00pm on that day.

The proposed ordinance would remove current city ordinances, that calls for the City Council to consider proposed salary increases for elected officials in an election year. Instead, elected official salaries would be fixed to the fourth step in the salary of the city’s Finance Director, set in ordinance, currently at $98,196.