Trump Attack on Immigrants Sparks Resistance in New Britain

Press Pool Story

Donald Trump, now with the power of the presidency, has elevated his harsh campaign rhetoric against immigrants and immigrant communities into highly controversial policies. He is trying to actually build the wall on the border with Mexico that he often promised, he has banned Muslims from whole countries, including those trying to escape violence and he is threatening “sanctuary cities” that refuse to make local services, like local policing, a part of the national deportation apparatus.

In New Britain, these have become all the more controversial. Of New Britain’s 73,000 people, nearly 20% were born outside of the United States, according to Census statistics.

Local advocates in New Britain have been organizing┬áto protect families and individuals who could be harmed by Trump’s policies. CCSU students plan an “Accept Existence or Expect Resistance Rally” on Thursday, February 2nd. The rally, calling for “No Ban, No Wall!” is planned for the Student Center Circle at 8pm.

“What has been transpiring in our country is disappointing and sad,” Democratic Alderman Manny Sanchez (D-3) recently said on Facebook. “While it is important to wish our current president success because the decisions he makes will affect us all, I cannot stand by while he is marginalizing specific communities to live up to several promises he made to hate groups.”

Sanchez added, “New Britain will be a Sanctuary City, we owe it to the melting pot of diverse communities we have here.”

Republican Alderman Jim Sanders (R-AL) disagreed. Also commenting on Facebook, he responded, “Sorry my friend not on my watch I will not allow this city to violate federal immigration laws or put our citizens at risk. For the record I am all for supporting any and all immigrants who wish to come here legally.”

New Britain has long been a place of opportunity for people from around the world seeking a better life. While 20% of its residents were born in other countries, many others are first or second generation descendants of immigrants.