Berriault Criticizes Social Media Profile as Impersonation

Press Pool Story

Bobby Berriault, who recently announced that an exploratory committee to run for city office in 2017 announced that a Facebook profile impersonating him has been removed by Facebook, and another created in its place.

fake-profile-1“Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that someone had created a fake Facebook profile resembling my own with some crude and terrible stuff posted on it,” said Berriault. “This was done in an attempt to ruin my reputation and character amongst the voters who do not know who I am and who search the internet to find out more information on me.”

notice-of-removal-of-fake-profileAfter alerting Facebook,” Berriault went on to say, “they had agreed to take down the Fake Facebook profile resembling mine, however this same person created a second fake Facebook profile resembling mine.”

Berriault says he takes the matter seriously. “I have filed a police report and am working with both local and federal law enforcement to hold this person accountable for their actions and I plan on bringing both criminal and civil charges against the person who stole my online identity.”

Berriault added, “My political adversaries want nothing more but to distract from the real issues that the voters care about and they instead seek to assassinate my character in an attempt to discredit me amongst the voters. This is wrong. This is politics at its worst. And I will not stand by it.