Polish Senator to Visit Little Poland.

By Lawrence Clark

Copy Editor

Polish Senator Anna Marie Anders

Polish Senator Anna Maria Anders.

Polish Senator Anna Anders will be visiting New Britain and specifically Little Poland on Wednesday June 29th. Anders will be stopping by the Polish American Foundation at 4 p.m. and General J. Haller Post at 7 p.m. to meet with the public.

“New Britain has one of the largest Polish communities in the United States outside Chicago and is larger than Boston and even New York City,” said Michael Gwara, who was contacted to help show Anders Broad St. and Little Poland.

On top of being a Senator, Anders is also Secretary of State within the Prime Minsiter’s office and a diplomat for the president of the Council of Ministers for international dialogue. Anders is one of a handful of high ranking diplomats and dignitaries to visit Little Poland in New Britain.

Senator Anders is coming up from Washington D.C. and will be visiting a lot of the restaurants and stores in Little Poland. Anders will also be eating in Little Poland, having lunch at The Belvedere and diner at Haller Post. After her visit in New Britain Anders will be heading up to Boston.

“I was rather surprised,” recalled Gwara about Anders reaching out to him. “I didn’t expect someone of her caliber to want to see New Britain… it’s a rather small community. It was a nice gesture of goodwill.”

According to Gwara, Anders really wants to get to know the community. She will be touring Broad St and meeting with state and federal representatives. Currently both State Rep. Peter Tercyak and State Senator Terry Gerratana will be in attendance for the event.

General Wladyslaw Anders, Senator Anna Anders' father.

General Wladyslaw Anders, Senator Anna Anders’ father.

According to Adrian Baron of the Polonia Business Association U.S. Representative Esty and Mayor Stewart may attend Anders’ visit, but have yet to confirm. Baron says the Polonia Business Association will be presenting Minister Anders with an honor as a high level Polish dignitary to visit Little Poland.

While in Washington D.C. Anders has been meeting with U.S. Senators and Representatives discussing polish policy, polish national defense, and NATO. Some of the politicians she met with include: Senator John McCain, Representative Marcy Kaptur, and Rep. Chris Smith. Senator Anders also spoke at an event hosted by the Victims of Communism foundation

Anders is also the daughter of WWII General Wladyslaw Anders who was the commanding General of the Polish Armed Forces in the USSR. It was also the Polish II Corps under Gen. Anders who took Monte Cassino  in WWII. There now stands a Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino.

On top of knowing six languages fluently, Anders also has an MBA from Boston University where she studied economics.